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Welcome bride or groom to be! 

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If you are looking for MORE than just beautiful pictures of your wedding day, than you have come to the right place! 

We are Shelby & Zachary, and we are MORE than wedding photographers.
Let us explain..

When looking for photographers for our own wedding, we noticed that many treated us like just another couple. Our wedding was not special to them.
They ALL had the same spiel.
"You get two photographers, 8 hours of coverage...."
 We already heard this from ten other photographers.

What makes you different? 

the experience

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When we met our dream photographers, we knew immediately.
They didn't try to sell us this or that. They didn't talk about what they could offer us. We just talked, like friends. 
We talked about our life, our favorite things, and everything else in between. 
We connected with our photographers and it has been such an amazing experience. Our photographers have become such great friends, and we were so excited to hang with them on our big day!

After we experienced that with our photographers, we had one goal in mind for our own business.

Become friends with all of our couples.

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Why should you be friends with your photographers?

Well the easiest way to explain it is,
you spend more time with your wedding photographers on your wedding day than anyone else, including your spouse.
If that is not reason enough, 
you get better pictures with someone you are comfortable with.
And if you still need more,
wouldn't you rather spend one of the most important days of your life with a friend, instead of a stranger?

the experience

Find a photographer you connect with.
Someone who makes you laugh naturally.
Someone who you enjoy being around. 
Someone you would want to be by your side on your big day.

Kind words from Allie & Brendan

"My fiancé and I are in love with Shelby Ann Photography! They do amazing work! They are both very sweet, friendly, and down to earth people. They made us feel very welcomed. We felt like we had known them forever! Most importantly, the timeless moments they captured we will cherish forever!"

Sweet words from Gina & Mike

"Love love love working with Shelby and Zach! They are super fun to be with and awesome photographer's! They really do become your friends!"

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