Our Trip To Charleston

Hello friends!

We have so many fun things to tell you about! We recently went to South Carolina, attended Joanna Fisher’s Workshop, and Zachary started a new job!

Zachary has been waiting for a start date for over 6 months for a welding job, and is very happy to have finally started! We knew we wouldn’t have a chance to travel anytime next year since he would be using his vacation time for our own wedding, so we decided to sneak away for a quick trip before his first day.

We drove to South Carolina two weeks ago to visit Zachary’s family. For most, sitting in a car for 16 hours is not at all appealing. However, for us, it is something we do often and for good reason. We both have family who live hours away via car. Zachary’s family is a 16 hour drive to South Carolina, and Shelby’s family is 19 hours away in Florida. We could fly, and do sometimes, but it is easier for us to drive since we can bring our dogs with us!

Before we left, we signed up for Joanna Fisher’s Photography Workshop. Her workshop focused on wedding day details. Our favorite part of wedding day details is flat lays! For those who do not speak photography, flat lays are styled details, such as invitations, rings, shoes, perfume, etc, on a flat surface. We watched a preview of her workshop and saw that she styles her flat lays with lots of antiques! While we were in South Carolina we decided to shop for beautiful antique props for our own flat lays!

During this trip, we wanted to find ring dishes, metal trays, ribbon spools, antique scissors, stamps,  and other small props. Flat lays are one of our favorite ways to take detail shots of jewelry, invitations, and wedding bands! We went to at least 15 antique shops looking for these props and had so much fun looking through history and seeing parts of South Carolina that we had not seen yet! We were looking specifically for “bird” scissors, knowing it would be a long shot. We happened to find our bird scissors, and even found a metal tray with The Centre Church On The Green in New Haven Connecticut! We drove 16 hours and through 7 states to find something from our small corner of this world! We also picked up a few antique South Carolina postcards from a cute antique shop in downtown Summerville SC. They had an old mail cubby with hundreds of old postcards that we went through. Oddly, they had tons of postcards from New England, Niagara Falls, Islands in the Caribbean, and California, but not many from their own state!

While we were there, we went into Charleston. Charleston is one of our favorite cities and we went to an amazing art store that was loaded with calligraphy pens, so we grabbed a beautiful wooden one for our flat lays! Charleston is full of history, art, and amazing cuisine. Our favorite part about the city (besides the gorgeous white buildings and cobblestone streets) is the restaurants. We are foodies and absolutely love trying new and unique food. We could write a whole list of our favorite places to visit with our favorite restaurants, activities, and sights… actually that might be something we will blog about!

We can’t wait to tell you all about our experience at Joanna Fisher’s workshop sometime this week, we are just sitting down at the computer to edit the pictures from it today!

You can see all of our awesome finds from South Carolina below!


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