Shelby’s Flat Lay Workshop

Shelby taught her first workshop!!

Hey there friends, Zachary here!

This is my first time writing on my own for the blog, (we normally write them together)! Since Shelby did such an amazing job teaching her first workshop, I wanted to tell you guys all about it!

We are apart of Amy & Jordan and Katelyn James’ photography education groups! We have a Facebook group full of amazing photographers in the New England area, who get together to help each other grow their photography businesses. Our meetups include learning opportunities and time to connect with other photographers to create great friendships!

This months meeting was a flat lay workshop, and Shelby was the teacher!

A flat lay, for those who are not photographers, is when you style items on a flat surface and take an image from above. For wedding photographers, flat lays consist of invitation suites, jewelry, rings, flowers, shoes, and other wedding day details. You then use pretty objects to style them. Pretty objects include ribbon, trays, calligraphy pens, wax seals, vintage stamps, antique scissors, ring boxes, and more!

She did an hour long instruction on what she uses for flat lays, how she styles them, and tips and tricks for the other photographers.

There were about ten photographers in person, Kalahan and Sean FaceTimed in, and another photographer had Shelby on Facebook live in the Amy & Jordan photography Facebook group!

Shelby did amazing in front of so many people! I would have been so nervous, but she did so good!

After her instruction, everyone sat down on their own and played with the invitation suites. Shelby walked around and sat down with each photographer, guiding them and encouraging them in their styling.

Shelby is such a natural teacher and leader, it’s one of the many things I love about her. I was so proud to see her in her element, doing what she loves!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the workshop, I tried to capture her smiling but every time I asked her to smile she would laugh and say it wasn’t a portrait workshop. I also included some of her flat lays to show what she was teaching.


Here is the group of photographers who attended the workshop! Kalahan Facetimed in to watch!



Thank you to all the amazing vendors who helped bring our workshop together!


Sugar House Stationery

Envelope Calligraphy

TS Calligraphy 

Talking Invitation Suite

Lizi Cards


Fiddle and Fern


Cara Parker and Sarah Surette


Shelby Ann Colonese

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