Sam & Xavier’s Uconn CT Engagement Session

As many of you know (or may know by now!) E.O. Smith High School was a big part in our lives! We are high school sweethearts (incase you missed that), if either of us went to a different high school, we may have never met! We lived five minutes down the road from each other, but lived in different towns and went to different middle schools. There were many instances that we may have crossed paths over the years, (we were just talking about how we both went to the same soccer camp! Zac is 3 years older, so we probably were on different fields..) but what we have now, may not have happened without E.O.! 

We went to highschool with Sam & Xavier. Our school was huge, we all knew of each other, but did not connect until recently. Sam & Xavier reached out to us about their wedding this year and when we sat down for our first double date, we quickly realized how much we have in common! To name one thing, they met at E.O. and are high school sweethearts, just like us!

We had our first meeting at Dog Lane Cafe (right across from E.O.) which was where Shelby sat with her friends for lunch every day her senior year of high school. When showing them our wedding slideshow, they pointed out one of our teachers that we all loved from E.O.! We photographed Mr. Loughead’s son’s wedding last year! The little things that kept bringing us all back to high school were so nostalgic! 

When deciding on a location for their engagement shoot, we figured the Uconn campus was right down the road for all of us and has some great spots. Then we realized that we HAD to do a few photos at E.O. since they met there, and it is smack dab in the center of the Uconn campus! We know its a total cliche, but how could we pass up on the stereotypical high school love story?! (And yes, we get to say that because we are high school sweethearts and know how lovey-dovey it all sounds!)

At their engagement session, we talked about the memories we all had in school. We knew they played sports together, she played softball, he played baseball. Since Zac was on the track team we started talking about track and if they were ever on the team. We all laughed when they said they joined indoor track together and then together they quit after only a week! They did everything together, and nothing has changed since!

We are so excited to photograph Sam & Xavier’s wedding! They made our job at their engagement session a piece of cake! All we had to do was say make each other laugh, and they would get the biggest smiles out of each other!

One of our favorite things in our relationship, and something we tell everyone to look for in their life partner, is that laughter should come naturally between you and your spouse! We know that these two have everything it takes for a long and healthy marriage. They respect each other, love one another, and have a great time together. Not to mention, how amazing they are with their little one, Darren!

The wedding day is special, but what is really important is the marriage.

Congratulations Sam & Xavier! Thank you for letting us capture this special time in your lives!




And just a few fun behind the scenes shots!




Uconn CT

E.O. Smith High School, Storrs Connecticut

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