Sam & John’s Wedding at Saybrook Point Inn, Old Saybrook CT

Sam and John got married at the Saybrook Point Inn and Spa in Old Saybrook Connecticut. The girls were getting ready in a bedroom that over looked the cocktail area, and the guys hung out in a lounge with a bar and pool table. We started the day by photographing all of Sam’s beautiful details. We LOVED her shoes. 

Sam had her girls wear all black, and John wore a plum suit. Their colors (or should we say lack thereof, since Sam loves neutrals!?) were stunning! We love how classic their looks were! Sam’s dress was a beautiful spaghetti strap dress with a simple beaded belt. Her veil had a light beading along the edge, and her shoes were completely rhinestoned from toe to heel.

Sam and her girls got ready in matching robes (oh how we love robe shots!) and sipped champagne as they were getting ready. When it was time to get into her dress, her mom Jody helped her button it up and her bridesmaids all helped fluff her train for the “Cinderella moment!” John and his groomsmen & woman played a round of pool before John headed out for the first look.

Sam and John’s first look was out on a dock, surrounded by yachts, sailboats, and open ocean. It was so beautiful and intimate for their first look! We then moved into better lighting for their portraits, and found a gorgeous pink house with a garden! We loved this spot (the lighting was a dream!) and used it again and again throughout the day!

Sam and John had one of the best ceremonies we had ever heard! It was short, and to the point, but they made it so unique in their vows to each other. They started by playing rock, paper, scissors, to decide who would read their vows first! (Adorable, right!?)

John even started with the words “Sam, I want to start off with apologizing (cue the entire crowd laughing).. for making your life more crazy this week. I want to also, in front of all of our family and friends, say that you were right and I was wrong. I should have hired someone to paint the house.”

They had everyone laughing and crying with them! They both joked about their shared stubbornness, Sam saying that John was the most stubborn person in the world, “coming from the second most stubborn person.” John even ended his vows by saying he would allow Sam to bring him to Disney “once” as a compromise.

After their heartfelt vows, they were pronounced as husband and wife and we all headed over to the pink house for family pictures. This was one of the most unique family photo sessions we have ever had. Not only were we directing family members into their spots, we were also directing cars, as we had to stand across the street to get the shots! Although it was a bit complicated with the traffic going by, it was one of the fastest family photo sessions we had EVER done! It allowed us to quickly photograph the husband and wife portraits, and allowed our couple to go hang with their friends and family for cocktail hour! We love when our couples opt to do a first look and bridal party portraits all before the ceremony, so that our couples get to enjoy their day even more!

After cocktail hour, the bridal party and guests danced the night away! We loved that Sam and John had an anniversary dance, so we could capture all of the sweet couples. Not only was this a special dance for all of the couples at the wedding, it was also a very special dance for John’s brother Clark and his wife, Erin. Clark and Erin share the same anniversary as John and Sam, so the anniversary dance was to Clark and Erin’s first dance song from their own wedding! John’s parents were the last couple out on the dance floor, they had been married 47 years and 2 weeks at the time of their son’s wedding.

Congratulations to Sam and John, we hope you have a long and happy marriage, just like your parents! We wish you the best in your life together!


Shelby & Zachary



Our favorite part of the night, the day of slide show!




Saybrook Point Inn

Le Francois Floral

DJ Joe Smith

Hair by Hannah

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