Kayla & Eric’s Wedding in Burlington Vermont

When we first arrived at the hotel we found the groom roaming the halls in a bathrobe and already inviting us to have a drink with him and the groomsmen! We knew it would be a fun day since this was Kayla and Eric’s second time saying their vows so it was all about celebrating, but we were not prepared for how amazing their vow renewal would be!

Last year we celebrated Kayla and Eric’s marriage at Kayla’s family home in Vermont. Last year’s ceremony was intimate, emotional, and showed us how much love these two had for each other. We were so excited to celebrate with them this year at the “big wedding” for their vow renewal. We expected it to be “all party” since that’s how most receptions are after a small elopement style wedding, (especially since the groomsmen were trying to get us to do shots with them from the moment we arrived!) After a very energetic first look in the middle of the “Festival of Fools,” Eric kicked off the day by jumping the Ben and Jerry’s line with Kayla in tow for a quick ice cream before their ceremony! 

What we didn’t expect from their day was to see another intimate and emotional day that showed even more love than the first go around! There may have been more guests at this year’s event, but the closeness of the group showed us just how much love Kayla and Eric have to give. As we looked around the crowd there wasn’t a single person without emotion in their eyes. We all laughed and cried throughout their ceremony, and the emotions only got stronger during the speeches at cocktail hour. Every single speech had us laughing hard with the jokes and memories, and emotional with the connections everyone had with the couple. The love that these two have in their hearts is amazing. Although the speeches were from different friends in different periods of Kayla and Eric’s lives, they all came to one conclusion. Kayla and Eric have so much love in their hearts for everyone in their lives and even more for each other.

Thank you Kayla and Eric for allowing us to witness your love for each other, and everyone who is lucky enough to be in your lives. We loved every part of the process, from connecting over the last few years as your friends and especially getting to be a part of your love story at both of your weddings! 


Shelby & Zachary

Creative Team


Vermont National Country Club

Getting Ready Location

Hotel Vermont


Gino Navel

Florist Nina Harff

Take Two Flowers


Silver Arrow Band

Hair & Makeup

Salon Innova

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