Allie & Terry’s Tacoma Washington Wedding

I can’t believe my best friend and I are all grown up. I am turning 24 this week and I just watched my best friend get married. We both have husbands, fur babies, and lives of our own. Allie and I met in first grade. We were inseparable. I didnt have siblings, so my family took in Allie as my sister, and fortunately Allie’s family didnt mind having another kid running around their house. We practically lived at each others houses, (thanks to both of our parents for taking us back and forth to sports, making us dinner, and all the fun six flags trips!) Allie and I went through many phases together.. We went from American Girl dolls, to our crazy horse phase, to when we started to think boys were cute.. Look at us now. We played pretend, acting like adults planning our dream weddings and playing house. I am so glad neither of us went with our original wedding theme ideas (they may have included some bright pinks). 

Two weeks ago we flew out to Seattle Washington for Allie and Terry’s wedding. Not only was I a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding, but we were also asked to photograph it. Yes it was complicated but fortunately we made it work. Thank you Zachary for taking the role as the lead photographer for your first wedding and doing an amazing job! I captured images when I was not in the photos, so I was behind the camera for details, bride and groom, and dancing. However Zac had full responsibility (besides me posing everyone and jumping in the photos) during the ceremony and bridal party images! He did amazing and I can’t thank him enough for joining my photography business a few years ago. 

In 2017 Allie joined the Air Force.  I thought I was losing my friend for just a few months to basic training and she would soon be back to our late night Walmart runs and her always third wheeling our dinner dates. Instead she came home to tell us she met a guy while away for training, and that she would be moving across the country to be with him. It absolutely broke my heart to not have my best friend just a few minutes down the road, but I had to come to terms with the fact that she too needed to have her own life, besides being the perpetual third wheel!  (Fortunately she is always just a FaceTime call away!) 

Allie and Terry now live in New Mexico together. They have three fur babies including Blue, a puppy from one of our Catahoula litters, (Spruce’s sister!) When we first heard of Terry, he went by the name Mitchel since they are in the military and they go by last name. The confusion when Allie started talking about this guy named Terry after we had known him as Mitchel for many months at this point, was absolutely hilarious. They had their wedding in Washington, where Terry is from. The wedding was intimate with a majority of the guests being close family and bridal party being Allie and Terry’s closest friends. The wedding was mostly DIY so Allie and Terry’s families helped with much of the decor and wedding prep! I somehow got to be a florist for the day and got to make Allie’s bridal bouquet, as well as Zac becoming a seamstress when Allie’s beaded straps broke on her dress. It was a crazy weekend with everyone pitching in, but it could not have been more beautiful and memorable! 

Thank you Allie and Terry for letting us capture your day and for including me in your bridal party! We love you so much and wish you both the best. We can’t wait to be by your side through your marriage and lives together! 


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