When we first arrived at the hotel we found the groom roaming the halls in a bathrobe and already inviting us to have a drink with him and the groomsmen! We knew it would be a fun day since this was Kayla and Eric’s second time saying their vows so it was all about celebrating, […]

Oliviana and Ethan met in a kayaking club in Europe when Oliviana was there for college. They became friends but went their separate ways across the world. The two saw each other again when Ethan came to backpack across the United States. They went their separate ways again until their entire friend group went to […]

Harkness Park is our go to for engagement sessions for a few reasons… The mansion, the fields, the beach.. However our absolute favorite is the rocks. Our clients LOVE the rock photos, especially when they wear a long flowy skirt to their session! When we saw Madison from a distance, we knew this session would […]

When Kaitlyn and David reached out for us to photograph their wedding, we recognized their names immediately. We have a few things in common with Kaitlyn and David, but our favorite similarity is that they are high school sweethearts from E.O. Smith, just like us! This is our second wedding where we went to school […]

Quincy and Ashley have been together for 5 years and Quincy wanted to celebrate their anniversary with a photo session! In Quincy’s email he mentioned a surprise! We figured he meant he would be proposing based on the hints given in the emails, and we were beyond excited to photograph our first proposal! We figured […]





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