Ashley and Dan’s Maternity Session at Colt State Park in Bristol Rhode Island

We met Ashley at the Mansion at Bald Hill’s bridal expo, she had a booth set up for her photography business, just like us! After some time, we received an email from a bride who wanted to hire us for her wedding at the Mansion. The bride mentioned that her original photographer had referred her to us because she was due on the brides wedding date! Of course we were excited we booked a wedding off a referral, but even more excited when we found out it was Ashley from the bridal expo, and that her and Dan are expecting!!

Ashley and Dan met on a dating site in 2014. When we asked if Dan had an instagram so we could tag him in our story, we learned that Dan’s Instagram photo is the same one used on his dating profile, back when they first met! (Time to update that with a wedding photo, or maternity pic, Dan?) All kidding aside, these two are just so sweet, and a perfect match!

Ashley and Dan got married in 2017, and over a year ago, they decided they wanted to grow their family of two, (three if you count their cat Jaja!)! They had some ups and downs throughout the process of getting pregnant. There were many negative pregnancy tests, up until December 29th.

When Ashley finally got a positive test, she could not believe the result, so she took 5 more. Five more positive results! She then surprised Dan by putting a spoon that said “you are going to be a daddy” in his ice cream that night. When Dan found out, they both cried with excitement.

Ashley and Dan really wanted a baby girl. Ashley has such a close relationship with her mom, and wanted the same with her daughter. When it was time to find out the gender, Ashley and Dan had to open an email from the doctor that had the results. They both were too nervous to do it, so instead they brought their cat Jaja to the computer, and had her open it with her paw. Dan started crying, and Ashley quickly reading through the document could not find the result. Dan said “look at the top” and there it was, “baby’s sex-female.” Dan and Ashley were so excited about the results, that they held each other and cried, all while Jaja looked at them like they were crazy!

Ashley has had a whirlwind of a pregnancy, right from the start she has had nausea and back pain.  Ashley said “She is completely worth every moment of discomfort and eating for what feels like 5 babies, haha. Pregnancy does some crazy things to your body, but it’s amazing each time we feel her kick. Dan has truly been my rock and continues to amaze me. I know together we will figure everything out because after all, babies don’t come with instruction manuals. This baby has taught us so much already and we can’t wait until she is here in September to snuggle and hold her.”

Congratulations Ashley and Dan! We can’t wait to see you two become parents, we know you will be great with your little girl!


Shelby & Zachary


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