Amy & Alex’s Engagement Session at Harkness Park

E.O. Smith high school has been a huge part of our life, since we would have never met if it weren’t for our two towns combining into one high school. E.O. has also been a big part of our business! We have had multiple couples who have booked us for their weddings, who attended E.O!

Alex and Zac were on the track team together in high school! Alex was a thrower and Zac was a pole vaulter. We were friends with Alex on Facebook, and as soon as we heard the news that they were engaged, we reached out to congratulate them. A few weeks later we all met to discuss wedding planning and to go on a double date. It was not an “official” meeting, but more like friends hanging out and us helping them with the first steps of planning, and what to expect throughout the process.

Within a week of our first date, we got an email from Amy saying that they were very comfortable with us at the meeting and wanted that connection on their big day! We were so excited to be working with another couple from our E.O. group!

Alex proposed to Amy under the Rockefeller tree in NYC, 5 years after they met at a Uconn Frat party! They moved in together and got their dog Zoe. Zoe is a Blue Heeler (with an adorable raccoon tail!), who stole the show during their engagement session. If you have been following along, you know that we are HUGE dog people. Like 6 dogs huge (we have 6!) Amy and Alex have been training Zoe and we honestly can not describe how well trained she is, other than she was better behaved than Zac and Alex. (The guys were goofing around the whole time, as usual!) She knew to sit and stay, lay down, go up on her back legs, and even knew to look at her parents when asked, for adorable photos. You will see what we mean when you see the images!

After their beautiful engagement shoot at Harkness Park, which included shots throughout the gardens, and out on the rocks on the beach, we headed to our cars. It took us about 15 minutes to get all the sand off our feet (It didnt help that the guys were yelling jokes back and forth across the entire parking lot while we were doing this). Amy and Alex mentioned going to grab a drink after their session, so we all coordinated on where to go. Mystic, of course! While making our way back to the highway, we got rerouted about 20 times, due to the fireworks in New London for Sail Fest. As we drove over the Gold Star Bridge, we had a beautiful show of the fireworks being launched off the barge. It was so cool!

When we got to downtown Mystic, we ended up at The Engine Room, one of our favorites due to the huge selection of Bourbon and some really fun menu options. If you go out with us, just be wanted that we will try to get you to try something new. We love to order unique food, such as tartar or anything raw, like Sushi. We always make an effort to expand our pallets and will do the same with our friends. When Amy said she had never tried tartar or mussels, we convinced her to try them at dinner! Although the tartar was not her favorite, she said she would eat mussels again! (Thats a win for us!) We say that “you have to try it once, if you love it, you’ll be happy you did it, if you hate it, you never have to eat it again, but can say you did it!” Alex got to experience two new bourbons with Zac, Eagle Rare and Basil Hayden! After dinner, we talked in the parking lot for another half an hour after saying goodbye about three times! We just love when we connect with a couple this well as we know their wedding is going to be great!!

Congratulations to Amy & Alex on your engagement! We cannot wait for our next double date to see Spiderman and to eat at Joey Garlics!


Shelby & Zachary









Remember how we mentioned Zoe behaved better than Alex & Zac?






And a few behind the scenes shots…




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